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1. CNC lathe master: 1 (male, 20-40 years old) has done in the accessories factory, will be independent programming machine, strong sense of responsibility, obey management, bear hardships and stand hard work is preferred.

2. Master shifu: 2 (male, 20-40 years old) strong sense of responsibility, will be independent machine, in the mold parts factory for 2 years to take priority.

3: CNC machining center (CNC machining center) : 2 (male, 18-45 years old) strong sense of responsibility, operating machine or programming in a mold factory or processing plant for two years prior to the priority.

4. Quality inspection: 2 (female, 18-35 years old) have a strong sense of responsibility and bear hardships and stand hard work.

5: Car mill: 2 (male, 18-35 years old) universal milling (milling machine,) milling machine is preferred.

6: Mold parts master: centerless mill, punch machine, flat grinder each 1, in the mold parts factory for two years of priority.

Apprentice: several (male, 18-25)

The above can obey the management, the ability is strong, bear hardships and stand hard work, eat and live, the employment post can work.

Working time: 26-day system, overtime work, you can call me.

Address: no. 88, rose road, lujia town, kunshan city (west side, building B4)

Contact: Ms. Hong.

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