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Address: Hong Guan million industrial park, No. 88, Rose Road, Lu Jia town, Kunshan


Kunshan qingdeli Precision Mold Co., Ltd.was founded in 2006 (the original Shanghai Ninggang mould Co., Ltd.), a registered capital of 5 million, the company is located in Kunshan Development Zone Industrial Park Road 88, Japan rose from Kunshan, Central South and East intersection entrance only 1 kilometers, close to the Huangpu River Road and 312 National Road, Shanghai Nanjing expressway entrance 4 km distance. The location is very convenient traffic.

    The plant area is 3000 square meters, which is a professional manufacturer who mainly provides mold design and processing for auto parts manufacturers, as well as automatic chemical fixture design and processing. At the same time, self run: precision metal stamping, precision mold accessories, automatic chemical assembly parts, etc., the company has strong technical team, and sophisticated processing equipment, design and production integrated operation, to better meet customer's production needs. The total number of employees 48 people, the development of technical staff: 8 people, manufacturing and technical personnel 22 people, 18 production personnel, production equipment: punching machine, wire cutting, precision grinding machines, CNC machining center, EDM machine, CNC lathe, milling machine, projector coordinate precision test equipment. The test is set up for today.